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What materials can you mark and engrave?

Metallic materials:  Anodized aluminum, Raw Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Alloys, Titanium, Plated Metals, Painted/Powder Coated Metals, and Precious Metals/Jewelry.

Non-metallic materials:  Glass, Wood (mark & cut), Paper (mark & cut), Acrylics, Corian(R), Cork, Delrin(R), Leather (except chrome tanned leather), Marble, Stone, Foam, Matboard, and most plastics (PVC excluded).

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the marking of your project!

How large of a part can you mark?

We can mark items that have an overall dimension of 32” X 20”.  The flatter the item, the better consistency we have in the marking process.

Can you engrave round objects?

Yes we can!  We have a high precision attachment for our laser system which will rotate an item under the laser for marking.  We use this technique a lot for our custom glassware/wine glasses and drinkware such at Yeti bottles and tumblers.  We can also use this technique to make totally unique items such as wine bottles for special occasions or limited releases.

Can you engrave photos?

Yes our high precision laser systems can mark grayscale photos into various materials.  The materials best suited for this process are hardwoods with tight grains, metals, glass, and certain plastics.  Items such as softwoods (Balsa, Pine) or wood with a lot of grain do not produce high quality results use to the various densities within the material.

What graphics do you need to make my product?

The highest resolution vector file you have is preferred to ensure your graphic translates accurately to the laser.  This can be done by looking at the file size under the info properties of the file.  The size of the image on the product will dictate how large of a file is needed to accurately be produced on the item.

For example, a 50kb simple logo text might be sufficient to make a 1” logo on a tasting glass but this would not be enough information to make a 30”X20” wood display sign.

Which File Types do you need?

We prefer to work with .AI and .EPS files but can accommodate most all file types.  Please note if we must recreate your image to work with our systems, we charge a one-time fee of $60 due to the time involved in creating the graphic.  This applies regardless of the number of items you order.  We will notify you of this artwork fee in advance for your approval before continuing with the project.

How is price determined?

The price is based upon the shop rate to complete your project.  There are a lot of behind the scene steps that are necessary to give you a product that makes you say wow and we need to account for that high quality while providing you the best value for your hard earned money.

I found the same type of item on the internet, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon for cheaper.  Why should I use you?

Since we are a small business based out of Indiana we try as hard as we can to support those local to us for our product supply chain and to support the local economy.  Sometimes this means our material source is more thoroughly vetted for quality, consistency, and safety to you than other companies provide.  Our owner has spent over 15 years in the automotive sector and has seen firsthand the unforeseen impacts a substitution of inferior material has on the manufacturing process. We will never compromise the safety of our product to the end consumer to make a buck.

We look at and inspect every item before it ships to you, so you are satisfied with the product right out of the box.  Our reputation is founded upon our customer service and we strive to provide the best in the industry.  We realize you have a choice in where you buy your products and we do not want to sell you one item.  We want to be your go to for all your laser needs for decades.